Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The government is on a roll

And it's not a good one.

Let's recap what tidbits caught my attention on the radio this morning, shall we?

(and yes, I took notes while driving)

Obama signs a service bill in honor of Ted Kennedy

Now, what, my friends, is wrong with that statement?

That's right. The phrase "in honor of Ted Kennedy."

Should we be doing ANYTHING in his honor? Seriously? What has he done for the good of society that was out of the goodness of his heart? Driving a woman off a bridge doesn't count.

It's amazing to me to see a politician who can murder someone, treat others like shit, and generally show his ass on a regular basis: And his political career is still tickin' - to the point where people NAME SHIT AFTER HIM.

Come on, people. He's not even dead yet. Can't you treat him like a martyr at that point?

Judge blocks investors from taking Madoff's personal funds

I suppose since Madoff has pleaded guilty, the judge feels sorry for the low life piece of shit, and told investors that they can't go after Madoff's FORTUNE.

He'll be in PRISON. Why does he need any money? Instead, he's allowing the government to take it.

Wait... which is worse?!

Great, now the a Judicial Branch has lost their minds, too.

Gov. Paterson and Bloomberg mock a reporter in a wheelchair


More proof that money doesn't buy class. After that incident, Paterson proceeded to mock the disabled reporter in a charity event.

Ah, irony.

I heard on the radio that Spitzer was beating Paterson in the polls today.

Senator Feinstein and her husband guarantee they'll be FINE during this crisis.

Senator Feinstein introduced legislation to allow the FDIC to hire her HUSBAND'S COMPANY to handle foreclosures at a rate slightly higher than previously.

No investigation needed, apparently.

And this is okay, apparently.

Is your head spinning yet? If it's not, it should be.

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