Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The government is on a roll

And it's not a good one.

Let's recap what tidbits caught my attention on the radio this morning, shall we?

(and yes, I took notes while driving)

Obama signs a service bill in honor of Ted Kennedy

Now, what, my friends, is wrong with that statement?

That's right. The phrase "in honor of Ted Kennedy."

Should we be doing ANYTHING in his honor? Seriously? What has he done for the good of society that was out of the goodness of his heart? Driving a woman off a bridge doesn't count.

It's amazing to me to see a politician who can murder someone, treat others like shit, and generally show his ass on a regular basis: And his political career is still tickin' - to the point where people NAME SHIT AFTER HIM.

Come on, people. He's not even dead yet. Can't you treat him like a martyr at that point?

Judge blocks investors from taking Madoff's personal funds

I suppose since Madoff has pleaded guilty, the judge feels sorry for the low life piece of shit, and told investors that they can't go after Madoff's FORTUNE.

He'll be in PRISON. Why does he need any money? Instead, he's allowing the government to take it.

Wait... which is worse?!

Great, now the a Judicial Branch has lost their minds, too.

Gov. Paterson and Bloomberg mock a reporter in a wheelchair


More proof that money doesn't buy class. After that incident, Paterson proceeded to mock the disabled reporter in a charity event.

Ah, irony.

I heard on the radio that Spitzer was beating Paterson in the polls today.

Senator Feinstein and her husband guarantee they'll be FINE during this crisis.

Senator Feinstein introduced legislation to allow the FDIC to hire her HUSBAND'S COMPANY to handle foreclosures at a rate slightly higher than previously.

No investigation needed, apparently.

And this is okay, apparently.

Is your head spinning yet? If it's not, it should be.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Isn't America Great?

Okay, as you may or may not know, I haven't had the best of luck recently.
The latest:
I just got my 12th phone call from an Auto Loan/Health Insurance/Personal Loan company, saying that I've been 100% approved and qualified "based upon my online application."
The kicker: I haven't submitted an online application.
After the 4th phone call I got yesterday morning, I called Experian and placed a Fraud Alert on my credit report. They'll disiminate the info to the other 2 credit bureaus.
Each company that has called me has my correct name (well, maiden name), address, and cell phone number.
Just now, I finally talked one lady at Auto Loan place into giving me the last 4 digits of the social security number and the birthdate that was listed on the application. Neither are close to mine.
As an aside, I'm amazed that I can be "100% approved" for ANYTHING when it's obvious they didn't have a SSN or birthdate to match credit records. Isn't America great?
Do any of you readers know if I need to do anything further than a Fraud Alert? I'm really tired of getting these phone calls. I'm answering each of them to tell them that this was a fraudulent filing, and to please flag it as being reported to the proper authorities. I've assured each of them that I'm not interested in an auto loan right now.
I'm sure it's gotta be a crime somehow... identity theft attempt of some sort (although, knock on wood, I'm hoping no one has gotten credit under my name). But I also know that since it was done on a computer, I can't exactly look the person up, find out where they live, and go slash their car tires (and yes, I acknowledge that this act would be, without a doubt, a crime).
And yes - I shred all junk mail/credit apps. I'm anal about that kind of stuff. I have no clue how someone got this info.
I'm just concerned 'cause my husband and I are trying to move soon, and I don't want someone messing with my credit while I try to buy a house.
Any thoughts?

Wind breaking

And I'm not talking about my husband.

Yesterday morning at work, the wind was so bad that the power flickered on and off for a couple of hours. I eventually told the people in the front office to just turn off their computers for a bit.
The wind whipped around the building, and you felt like a tree was about to come through the window. That's the thing - there aren't really any trees around the building.

The metal and brick building creaked and creaked.

I got an email from a fellow Board member in my neighborhood. It was sent from her Blackberry, so the grammar and spelling wasn't exactly perfect, but it amounted to: "The neighborhood looks like a freakin' war zone. Shingles and siding everywhere."

I live in a townhouse subdivision, and because I'm an end unit with no barrier of other homes around me, I knew I'd be one to suffer.

I cut work at 10:45am, after the wind had died down, to assess the damage.

After taking a few detours, I finally found that there was a bunch of shingles off my roof, and my beautiful terra cotta windchimes that had withstood hurricane winds before, were shattered and in pieces at my front door. A leland cyprus chillin' by my front door is now at a 30 degree angle.
I called my insurance company, and the secretary gave me the name and number of her husband's company. She suggested that if the damage was less than my deductible, I may not have to worry about submitting a claim. I liked the way she thought.

I called her husband, who said he could come out first thing the next morning. There was no plywood showing, so I figured I was safe.

I drove back to work, thinking, "how the in the world am I going to pay for this?!"

We were saving for a house, and it just seemed that things kept getting more expensive, even while our income stayed the same. Groceries, gas, day-to-day stuff.

I emailed the neighborhood as a courtesy, attaching files listing each unit's siding color and roof color, should they need to replace anything. The majority of people were appreciative for the head's up. One person asked why I didn't assess damage to all 125 units to tell her if her house was damaged. Let me tell you - I went OFF on the bitch. Stupid liberal.


I went back to work 'til about 4:30pm, then headed back to the 'hood.

Walking around with a couple other Board members, we answered people's questions and took pictures of trees that the HOA would be responsible for having removed.

All the while, I wondered: "How the heck am I gonna pay for this?"

Ironically enough, there were several roofing companies in the neighborhood. They were like vultures.

Funny, one of 'em was the insurance company's secretary's husband's company. The same guy I had talked to.

Thankfully, they were great. They were repairing some people's minor damage for no charge. People were very appreciative.

They got to my house, and made a face. They said, "Yeah... this may run you about $400.00."

I half-shrugged. It was less than my deductible and I wouldn't have to deal with my insurance company. Perhaps that wasn't bad.

Again, I thought, "Where am I going to dig up $400?"

Then I checked my mail.

There was my tax return.

I pretty much just handed the check over to the roofing company.

Problem solved.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Captain Rescued

No thanks to Obama, of course.

By the way - did he even know that an American was being held hostage while he gave his press conference about Federal Housing or whatever? Hm.

Anyways, as an aside -

This guy is AWESOME.

As another aside:

Let's stop giving aid to Africa. Seriously.

Why bother? People want the U.S. out of other countries business, anyways. It's time for the Iraqis to take responsibility of their own country, I hear.

I think it's time for Kenya to do the same.

Why put our people in any more danger? We have enough shit going on at home.

I am beginning to think that the U.S. isn't the World Police after all, and that we would do best to isolate ourselves for a while. Rather that than be the pansies that Obama is setting us out to be.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Poll determines that people think Obama improves the U.S.'s image overseas

Interesting. I had figured it made us look weaker. Like Europe.

Maybe that's why the world likes us now.

That, and the fact that since everyone hated G.W. so much, anything was a step up.

Funny how so much is relative.

Nasty weather

After a beautiful 70 degree weather weekend, I awoke to 40 degrees, clouds, and wind.

I just got a call about 30 minutes ago from my husband, who is taking a half day off from work for a dentist appointment.

He sat on the couch, watching TV and listening to the wind, when... WHAM!

The awesome porch furniture on the back deck shattered.

The umbrella we have on the table must have shattered the glass top to the table. Shards everywhere. I should have asked Matt to take a picture. I mean, the good of it could have been a photo, right?

So, for now, the table frame (that is wrought iron, I think), and the umbrella will go in storage. The chairs may sit out there for the time being. We're trying to sell our house, so this will look awkward for a bit.

Anyone have any ideas on where to get a piece of glass cut for the table? It won't happen 'til we move, but I'm searching for idears ahead of time.

So sad. Obviously I hadn't sat out there in a while, being as we just got over winter.
But it still makes me sad.

I just cleaned the pollen off that sucker.

Pentagon decides to ax the F-22 Raptor program

If you've been tracking this story at all, this decision shouldn't surprise you.

What does floor me, though, is how the decision was made:

"While the aircraft is stealthy and can cruise at supersonic speeds, its high cost has raised questions about whether it’s the proper allocation of increasingly limited government resources, especially in a recession."

Meanwhile, there have been no questions asked about blowing money in "stimulus" packages forced by a socialist government.

Monday, March 30, 2009

It's an idea

Ad on Facebook:

Gee, this Grape Kool-Aid tastes GREAT!

This is such bullshit.

Read this loaded question on It's their "Question of the Day."

Who writes this shit?

How loaded can you get?

Let's pick this beast apart.

When you ask, "Do you agree," you are automatically setting up the answerer to answer affirmatively. Else, they answer to the contrary, and ultimately leave the asker to ask: "Why not?"

"...the U.S. cannot allow..."

Wow. So now we're in the business of regulating businesses to the point where we find out what the owners had for breakfast and when their last bowel movement was? My, Castro would be proud!

This implies that, if Obama did nothing, the U.S. is allowing something horrible to happen: A business to fail.

"...its auto industry to fail."

Oh, the horror! That terrible word: FAIL.

So, let me get this straight...

If Obama does not act on our behalf and pour money into failing businesses such as Chrysler and GMC, then millions of people will lose their jobs and the rest of us will be without cars?! There will be NO auto industry?!

Be still, my heart!

I'm searching the Internet now for propaganda signs, much like those from Hitler's time. Sadly, it seems we've gone above and beyond that.

Let me reword the question to swing the OTHER way:

"Do you think Obama is out of his fucking mind to pour your hard-earned tax dollars into an industry that has been poorly managed?"

Or, a fairly-worded question that handles both sides of the coin:

"Do you think the U.S. government should invest money into companies and businesses that may be failing due economic times or bad business practices?"

Personally, I think all Americans should choose and register themselves as one of the following:

Socially liberal
Socially conservative

No middle-of-the-road option.

You pick: Do you want to have your tax dollars doled out per the government's decision, or do you want to be the one to decide what charities and businesses your dollars grace?

I wonder how many people in Hollywood would put their money where their mouths are.


Remember last week when the liberals were pounding their chests, so impressed with themselves?

The DOW is up! The DOW is up!

Meanwhile, some of us buy foreign

The government wants to pool resources and create the ultimate warranty.

The government now stands behind your purchase.

Scared yet?

So, you buy a GMC, and it's a lemon. You just use your warranty, right? Piece of cake?
I have nightmares thinking about it.

And let's not forget about the fact that you, as a taxpayer, are contributing to this "pool of resources."

Here we go again - rewarding those who make bad business decisions.

When will it stop?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's all our fault

Well, not all of it.

But Hillary Clinton would like you to know that the U.S. shares fault for Mexico's violence - because of our "instatiable" demand for drugs.


I don't know about you, but it ain't my fault.

Hell, everyone else is displacing blame - so why should take blame for something that is definitely not my fault?

Did Clinton ever consider the fact that it may, just MAY, be the fault of those in the heart of the violence?

It's like saying the gun makers are the cause of all gun violence.

Stop it already, seriously.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Iranian Political Prisoner Dies in Prison

A 20-something who blogged mean things about the Iranian government is dead.

He died in prison, in a Tehran prison that is known for housing political prisoners.

And yet, we want to reach out and "talk" to this country?

Obama is on drugs. You cannot talk reason with a madman. You cannot talk reason with a country who hates the U.S. not for what they said, but for what we are and stand for:
A non-Muslim based country who agrees with free speech (well, when it suits the liberals), and keeping God/Allah out of things.

Waving the white flag means one things to the Iranian government: Surrender.


Obama makes crack about Special Olympics on Tonight Show

Edit on below's post:

1.5 hours after posting this below, it was brought to my attention that the Atlanta-Journal Constitution (usually it's so liberal that we call it the Atlanta-Journal Constipation) is calling Obama's remarks "Bidenesque." Sweet.

Also, is now reporting on the Ticker: Obama makes late night gaffe.

I have to say I'm mildly impressed with the people coming out about this. Now, let's see how long everyone's memories last...


Project Procrastination first made me aware of Obama's slip-o-the-tongue via this page.

If this were ANYONE else, you'd have heard it all over the place.

Let's see who reported it on their homepages, shall we? homepage: Yup. Believe it or not, they reported it. Yup. They reported it. Too bad their website looks like a celebrity tabloid more than it does actual news. Now, come on. Did you honestly think they'd report it? No. They didn't. Yes. It's my default home page because I keep forgetting to make something else my home page. They DID report the joke, and reported that the White House is downplaying the remark. Didn't report joke. But did report the astronaut's wake up call as Breaking News (um. okay) Reported "joke."

Monday, March 16, 2009

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Obama is going to visit Southern CA this week.

And it's a good thing, too.

He'll be holding town hall meetings. And staring on Jay Leno's Tonight Show.

Meanwhile, I'm still losing money in the stock market, we're just as open to terrorist attacks, and I work because millions on welfare depend on me.

So many open cabinet positions... so little time. Or is there?

There are still lots of cabinet positions left to fill.

Obama seems too much involved in micro-managing, and as the concerned CNN pointed out, may be "over-extending himself."

Here's how I see it: If he can do all their jobs, then why pay people to sit in cabinet positions? Hell, it'd help to recover some of that budget deficit, right?!

Come on kids, play nice

Laura Ingraham (whom I've never really been impressed with anyways) stooped to the level of name-calling of McCain's daughter, who encouraged bipartisanship.

Way to go, ladies. Show how split the conservatives are. Good job.

Laura - chill out.

Meghan - ignore her.

And we wonder why the GOP doesn't have a leader? It's because the women can't even get along.

U.S. Fighter Jets in Iraq shoot down Iranian spycraft

Wait a minute...

What happened to the U.S. to "stop meddling in other countries' business?"

A couple of U.S. fighter jets followed a weapons-free spy Iranian drone above Iraq and shot it down after an hour.

Hm. Oh, well.

Read about Obama's foreign policy thoughts on Iran here.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

This explains it all

Hot air linked to headaches, study says.

Now I understand why my head hurts after listening to a liberal.

"Top Model" audition ends in chaos

Is anyone else in stitches after reading this?!

AIG to give their corrupt businessmen bonuses


After receiving BILLIONS from the government in one of the earlier socialist-bailouts, AIG decides that "legally" and "contractually," they are still obligated to dole out bonuses to the very people that got them in trouble in the first place.

It was fascinating to see the difference in how CNN and Fox News treated the story.

At 8:30am, T.J. Holmes (sidenote: WEAK anchor) opened up the story basically by saying, "AIG is giving out bonuses, even though the government gave them money. But it's okay, 'cause they kind of have to do it."

Of course, I'm paraphrasing, but I couldn't stomach CNN Sunday Morning. Holy God.

FoxNews was at the opposite side of the spectrum, of course. "Here's something to piss you off: AIG is giving out bonuses after the government had to bail its sorry ass out of trouble."

Again, paraphrasing. But you get the point.

I realized why I watch FoxNews and read

I need someone who doesn't know me to comiserate with me. I.E. - FoxNews. I need to turn on the TV and not see a woman or black talk show host to a news program or anchor on the screen simply because it's "hip." I need to turn on the TV and hear, "You're not alone," when I stress about how much the government is going to rape me in taxes over my lifetime.

So, I watch FoxNews. With the exception of Glenn Beck, FoxNews is incredibly right-wing. They don't hide it, everyone knows that.

Glenn Beck is just 100% honest. He has "been there, done that," in his past. He is a drug addict turned sober conservative. He's intelligent, logical, and just seems like an all-around good guy. He's with it.

Who on CNN is like that?

I read basically because it's well laid-out and easy to glance at the day's top stories. Granted, their verbiage pisses me off more often than not, but because I know someone who works behind the scenes at CNN, I understand that it's the nature of the business. There are right-wingers who work at CNN. And, there are moderates. Neither are heard 90% of the time. And it's too bad, because as soon as the world realizes what a phony our thief of a President is, CNN may have to tone down it's Obama-gasms.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The line between giving in and winning votes

Michael Steele, the head of the GOP says he supports the right to choose (re: Abortion).

Lots of people are up in arms about it.

But you know what? I think this is a good thing.

Don't get me wrong. I grew up Catholic. I think abortion is wrong. I would never choose to end a human life.

But I look at this particular event (meaning, Steele's decision to be Pro-Choice) in two ways:

#1 - Let the individual answer to God when the time comes. Don't force stuff down their throats. If they decide to make a decision that isn't the "right" one, then, oh, well for them.
Besides - the moment you make something illegal is the moment that you'll see it run rampant.

#2 - We need a more relevant leader in the GOP.

Just like I believe religion must evolve to fit the people, I believe political parties must, too.

Unfortunately, I think the liberals have beat us to the punch. But I think they took the easier route, too. How so?

Their stance caters to the lazy. The ignorant. The greedy.

Now, what's left? Those that give a damn, and those who are apathetic.
Where do those go who are apathetic?
To the side that's winning. I.E. - the libs right now

You know how you always see people walking around with baseball hats of that year's World Series' winner? Funny, 'cause they used to not even LIKE baseball.

But it feels good to go with a winner.

It's so much easier, when you have no idea what's going on, to cling on to something easy. And, when Satan is offering his hand and saying, "Come with me, I'll pay your mortgage and give you free shit," it's easy to say, "Okay, that'll work for me."

A leader for the GOP should be a John Wayne meets Ronald Reagan meets Chuck Norris meets Sarah Palin type.

And, as if it's a job posting, he/she must be:

* Strong enough to make foreign countries with psychotic leaders think twice before "experimenting" with nuclear weapons just 'cause they're bored on a Sunday afternoon.
* Intelligent enough to realize that they are not SUPPOSED to control the economy. Therefore - stop authorizing bailout nonsense. Stop talking money. Start doing your job.
* Funny and attractive enough to hold today's voters' attention. I know that sounds really superficial, but let's be honest: Did anyone understand Biden's stances or listen to his speeches during the election? No. Did anyone watch Sarah Palin's speeches? Yes.
Let's put it this way: Biden didn't win the election for Obama. However, Palin may have lost it for McCain. That's how much of an influence she had.

The GOP has to reconsider its stances, and work to move towards a fiscally conservative and socially moderate base.

Abortion: Like I said above - if you make it illegal, it will become the thing to do. The GOP needs to stop making this a campaign issue. Drop it.

Drug Use: Crack down (no pun intended) on where drugs and crime intersect. Stop getting high school kids on pot use by sifting through lockers, and start drug testing them for the hell of it. They use drugs, they become ineligible to participate in state/federal-sponsored programs.
That INCLUDES being enrolled in public school, using scholarships, and even driving on roads that are paid for with taxpayer money.

Foreign Policy: You scratch our back, we'll scratch yours. Sure, we'll help you out where you want - but the moment we get the inclination that the world hates us for "interfering," we're out of there. So as a foreign country: Help US, help YOU.
And maybe, to test the waters, you hire a ton of people to build that wall up against the Mexico/US border. Why the heck not? Employ some people, create some jobs, protect a country. What a novel concept. With all the shit that's hitting the fan right now in Mexico and their drug cartels, you'd be doing EVERYONE a favor.

Gay Marriage: Enough already! Let gays get married! They should have the tax consequences/benefits like any other couple! This would also allow them to adopt and bring up children. In a way, marriage of a gay couple would PROTECT the child should the couple break up. Hello! Earth to logic!

And the list goes on.

The key is to show future voters that the harder they work for their money, the less someone ELSE has to work. How fair is that?
Show them a video on socialism.
Hell - TAKE them TO Cuba for the weekend.

We have GOT to be more relevant and less stuffy, prude, and unwilling to move on stuff that no one can explain.

Washington and Jefferson are rolling over in their graves with the state that the government is in right now.

This just in

China is worried about the "safety" of U.S. assets.

Um... wow. When did they get THAT memo, and was it via the slow boat?

Allison's version of Best Week Ever

So, who's having the Best Week Ever?

Here's my list.

#5 - Americans.
Now we're telling pollsters that we're "sick of Iraq," while we tire of having to bitch about the horrible economy. (speaking of which - why are restaurants so crowded still?)
Nice, America. You suck. People are on the verge of beating a horrible terrorist group known as the Taliban ("they're not terrorist, they're just extreme," I think I heard one liberal describe them to me once), and we're "sick of it." Okay. Ball game.

#4 - El Chapo
This drug lord made the Forbes list of richest people. Awesome. It must be so cool to be you, buddy. You can make as much money (legally or illegally) as you'd like, and you don't even have to pay taxes on it. You know, kind of like Chicago politicians!

#3 - This boy
This one is just too easy.
What a holy/wholly kid.
Oooo... sorry. Too soon? Too soon?

#2 - Amtrak workers
A gazillion bazillion dollars are due to make their way to Amtrak, courtesy of V.P. Looney Biden! Woohoo! After all, Amtrak is a "national treasure," as Biden put it.
A NATIONAL TREASURE?! Holy shit. This guy has got to cut back on the Nic Cage movies.

And, the #1 winner:

Those cashing in on those debit card fees!

How great to make money off of people who are spending money! That's not done enough in annual fees, taxes, interest... etc.
Brilliant! Why didn't *I* think of that?!

Honorable Mentions of those NOT having the Best Weeks...

Jim Cramer or John Stewart.
I find Jim Cramer obnoxious as hell, and John Stewart a smarmy, unfunny man. So, nothing funny to post here.

Guy who beheaded his wife
Look, my husband will tell you - there are other ways to get us to hush.
This guy is such a low life that he not only murdered his wife, but had the balls to say "not guilty" afterwards.

Chris Brown and Rihanna record duet
Oh, how romantic. What a great thing to teach young adults.
"He hit me, but he still loves me. You know how I know? We sing together."
Gag me with a spoon. Do either of these two have fans that respect them anymore?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Summer travel

Okay, we have a ton of travel plans this summer. I need to send a shout-out to any readers who live in these areas. Tips of the area (like what to do in the little free time we'll have) would be greatly appreciated.

May: Jacksonville, FL for a wedding.
June: Toccoa Falls Cabin for a weekend with my sister and her boyfriend. We did this last year and had a blast.
July: Virginia Beach/Norfolk for a wedding.
August: Suwanee, TN for a wedding.

No, not exactly Greece or Italy, but it'll be nice to get away.

Any tips? Things we should know about? Escaped convicts?

Team America II?

If you've seen the first movie, you'll know what I'm talking about...

Chavez is now accusing Cargill of "manufacturing a special rice."

Go ahead.

Re-read that. You read it right the first time.

How much TIME does this guy have on his hands?

And when is someone going to kill him? Seriously.

Potty humor at its finest

The Taiwanese really need to get out more.

There's a restaurant that now serves food out of toilets and drinks from urinals.

Diarrhea for dinner? That's the point. "It's supposed to shock and confuse the senses," says Modern Toilet manager Chen Min-kuang. But as Jennifer Finch, an American who was dining there, described it, "They do it tastefully. It's all very clean."

Um. Okay.

THAT just shocked and confused my logic.

The reasonably priced food includes curries, pasta, fried chicken and Mongolian hot pot, as well as elaborate shaved-ice desserts with names like "diarrhea with dried droppings" (chocolate), "bloody poop" (strawberry) and "green dysentery" (kiwi).

Seriously? Are people in Asia this hard up for entertainment?

At least no one can say they have no sense of humor!

GM may fail


What the hell is the difference between "Breaking News" and "Developing Story?" They're both in red and they're both obnoxious.

Anyways, here's a blurb from the article summary:

General Motors says it hopes to get additional loans from the government, saying there is "substantial doubt" about its ability to remain in business, CNNMoney reports. GM says failure to get sufficient funding would mean it "would not be able to continue as a going concern and could potentially be forced to seek relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code."

Um. Okay.

Now, here's the version I will write about my decision to stop paying my mortgage:

Allison says she hopes to get additional loans from the government, saying there is "substantial doubt" about her want "to do a G-D thing," CNNMoney reports. Allison says failure to get sufficient funding would mean she "would cry and whine," possibly "throw a temper tantrum," and "would not be able to continue as a frequent online shopper and could potentially be forced to stop being frivilous and careless with her money."

Makes just as much sense, and is just as fair.

The market's down. Demand is down. Money practices weren't so great. The responsibility was lacking.

Soooo... we're supposed to pay for that?

I understand the whole "so many Americans will lose their jobs" stuff.

As heartless as it sounds: So, the rest of us have to suffer?

I'm sure that pisses off people. Good thing I'm not looking to make friends.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Personal Responsibility

I was talking to a fellow blogger today via email about life, politics, and our significant others' bodily functions (don't ask. It tied together, I swear.)

She mentioned personal accountability and responsibility. She pointed out that if everyone was responsible for themselves and their own well-being, we'd be in a much better place.

Then I started to brainstorm as I read what she wrote.

And I tried desperately to answer why we DON'T take care of ourselves.

Do we blame welfare? FDR? The evolving assumption that the government is here to babysit us? To make sure that rubber chips are put down on the playground floor in place of the gravel that could shred off outer layers of skin should we fall off the monkey bars? (And trust me, I will fall.)

Many teachers in Georgia have stopped using red pens because it "hurts people's feelings." Red connotates "wrong-doing," and many believe it is demoralizing and induces anger and negative feelings.

Well, no shit. You got an answer wrong. Instead, we'll reward you with purple.
"D+, but good try!"

Is that like saying, "You're pretty, for a fat person?"

Kids aren't playing so much team sports in P.E. now in school because kids "get left out."
Many people say it's more about "focusing on the individual," but I say, if you're getting rid of dodgeball, it ain't 'cause you're concerned a kid isn't toning his quads. It's 'cause the nerdy kid is tired of getting hit in the glasses.

This is gonna sound harsh, so hold on to your seats, pansies:

GET A GRIP. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

I thought you liberals AGREED with evolution? Natural Selection? Here it is, in its simplest form. The weakest link is destroyed.

Kids get more "certificate of participation" awards, even if they don't place in races or competitions.

No one uses their F-ING TURN SIGNALS on the road. Why? Because they are in a hurry, and you must not be. Their lives are more important. It's not necessarily that you must read their minds, but they don't give a damn. They're invicible. They're in their bubble. And should you lean on your horn to wake the asshole up who is eating his McMuffin, talking on his Bluetooth, listening to Third Eye Blind, and doing the "douchebag lean" to the passenger side, (oh, you know who you are) YOU will be the one to get the finger.

No one stops for people when they see an accident - no more good samaritans, and you can thank lots of things for that. You can thank frivilous law suits ("Sure he gave me CPR and that saved me, but now I have a cold sore!"), you can thank our obsessiveness with time and multi-tasking, too ("Wow, that sucks. If I didn't have to make that pit stop at Wal-Mart, pick up a prescription at Walgreens, grab lunch at Burger King, and then hit the gym... I would totally stop.")

"Keeping up with the Jones' " has now evolved into a sick, twisted game of racking up the credit card just so little Jimmy can have Playstation 1, 2, AND 3, and the family can still go skiing in Aspen twice a year.

I see all of these spokes sticking out of that one phrase: What is this world coming to?

I feel really old saying that, by the way. It sounds like something my grandparents would say, after I walk in with an additional piercing in my ear.


That's what it boils down to.

How can I get something for nothing?

No one wants to work anymore. How can we be as lazy as possible?

First, there were remotes to TVs. Want to sit on your ass and watch moving pictures, but don't want to stand up and walk across the room to do it? Here's a remote.

Then, there were Bluetooth headsets. Want to talk on the phone, but don't want to HOLD the phone to do it? Here's a thing you can put on your ear and make the public think you're talking to yourself.

Next, it will be government handouts. Want to have money, but don't want to work for it? Can't say I blame you. Here, take this check. Your neighbor worked his ass off. What an idiot!

Sure, all those things are extremes. And I love my remote. But you see what I'm getting at here.

It's scary to think about bringing up kids in today's world. I'd want nothing more than to protect them. But before they're born, I would want to tell them: "Look, I just want to let you know: This place is a hell hole. You think you can handle it? You'd better have either tough skin or the luck of the Irish. Godspeed either way. I'm exhausted."

No one speaks up for what's right anymore. We elect politicians because they're a specific race. "Look at me!! I'm NOT racist!" It's all a CYA, lookin' out for #1 without stepping in #2-kind of world. And, if you have time, screw over the guy next to you. Why? Because HE has an iPhone and *I* want it.

"The only way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

I'm scared that we're just about there.

Monday, March 2, 2009

And so the dumbass proceeds to lie to the cop

This morning, I hit the snooze about 3 times.

I finally got up, took a shower, and went downstairs. I looked at the clock and wondered if I should cut a piece of blueberry bread I made a couple of days ago, or if I wanted to run through Dunkin Donuts for a bagel and an OJ (I'm on a kick recently).

I opted for the latter.

As I left Dunkin Donuts, I had to make a right on a busy road. I looked in my rear view mirror, as I'm always curious to see who I'm holding up. A black car was behind me, and a silver SUV was behind it.
The black car changed his mind and decided he wanted to turn left. So, he got over into the next lane. The silver car moved up. I had to inch up because I couldn't tell if the coast was clear. It wasn't. A Jeep was flying up the street.

So I sat.

And then - BAM! I lunge forward. It was obvious I had just been hit.

I get out of my car in the 27 degrees, and the lady behind me gets out of her GMC.
I briefly looked at the back of my car and didn't see any damage.
"Are you okay?" I asked her. I immediately assumed someone behind her had hit her, and thus, she hit me. There was too much of a delay in me sitting there and her hitting me for her just to have hit the accelerator.
"I'm fine. But you hit me!" she yelled.

I blinked. Was this really happening? Had she seriously convinced herself of this?

At this point in time, our cars were positioned as such. See diagram below.

I continued to blink. Maybe I was still dreaming?

"How, pray tell, did I hit you if you were behind me?" I asked her, honestly hoping for an answer.

"You tried to pass me and you hit me," she said. It was obvious that she was lying through her teeth.

I then realized that my knuckles were white. Not from the cold, but because of how ANGRY I was. I realized I was about to go to prison because all I wanted to do was knock this bitch's teeth out.

I walked around to the back of her car to get her plate number. I had "been there, done that" with a hit and run before, and this one wasn't getting away from me.

I realized she was a Georgia Tech fan. Welp, there was the problem. They apparently can engineer vehicles but can't drive 'em. Idiot.

I called the police, and discovered that we were on the border of the City and the County.

"I've called the police, they're on their way," I told the woman. "I'll pull up a little in the turn lane so you can get out of traffic."

How nice am I?

"They'll be here in 2 hours," the woman said, pissy. I looked for an Obama sticker. What did she care? She wasn't dressed like she was on her way to work.

I walked around my car one more time after moving up, and saw that the back corner of my SUV was totally screwed up. This made me more angry. Yes, I have an anger problem. It's based off of reaction to selfishness, stupidity, and laziness. Any combo of those three can trigger my inner-Hulk.

"You hit me," she added, like a drunken parrot. I wanted to punch her, close-fisted.

"I am sure the cops will love to get that story. I'm sure it's a good one for a Monday morning," I rolled my eyes, secretly praying that we ended up with a cop that would see through this woman's bullshit.

The County officer showed up first. She was cool. The woman turned around so she was facing away from me (obviously she didn't want me hearing what she was saying). I was fuming inside, but managed to stay calm and collect. It wasn't easy - I was cold from the weather, and shaking from the anger.

Then I handed the Officer my license and insurance. She asked me what happened, and I told her.

"So you were behind her?" she asked.

"No, 'mam, I was in front of her," I answered. She looked confused for a second, and jotted something down on her notepad.

She took down phone numbers for both of us and told us we could wait in our cars.

I got in my car and called Matt, pissed. Then I got a call from a co-worker. I was the one who opens the office, and no one was there to open the office up. I told her to hang tight, I'd be there soon.

Then, the City cop showed up. Another woman. I heard the two of them talking, and they stood behind my car, examining the damage.

The County cop came to my passenger side door and I rolled down the window. She leaned in.

"So. If her story is what happened..." she started, and I could tell she was being sarcastic, "How in the world did you manage to get your car in between hers and the curb?" She smirked.

"I was going to see if you could tell me!" I laughed, relieved that the cop saw through the bullshit.

"I've worked as a cop for 10 years, and so has she," she said, motioning to the City cop. "We hear a lot of stories."

"I figure," I smiled, trying to figure out if the other driver was going to get a ticket or what.

I thanked the officer, and she walked away.

I heard the two officers talking, and heard the County one say "Do you need me to stick around?"

Soon, it was just the City cop. She handed me back my info, and told me I was free to go.

I couldn't tell if the other lady got a ticket or what. I didn't ask. I can pick up the police report in 3-5 days.

This marks the third time I've been hit by someone.

Why are people so fucking clueless when operating heavy machinery?

All I know is that I should have stuck to the blueberry bread this morning.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Romney picked as GOP frontrunner

For the third year in a row, he was picked as the front runner.

Well, no shit.

The guy is a financial genius, you'd think he'd be leading our country now.

But no, instead, we have the guy who people are thinking, "Gee, can he really achieve all his goals?"

WHAT goals?! To make us a socialist country? To redistribute the wealth?

I can take comfort in the fact that it takes a LONG time to turn a huge ship. And that's what the government is. I can only hope that by the time the ship starts to turn, we change our minds in 2012 and vote in someone else.

I can't believe so many people are quiet about what Obama is doing. I guess if he goes on TV and tries to scare people (i.e., "we haven't seen the economy like this since the Great Depression"), and uses happy language like "stimulus package," everyone claps and says "Yippee! Everything is gonna be okay!"

It really scares me to see how so many people are okay with this. I think we are still stuck in the mentality that if you disagree with the President, you're a racist.

Hm, oh, well. Sticks and stones...

Snowed in

In Georgia, when it snows, you stay off the roads. Not because they're undriveable, but because no one else is paying any attention.

We got about 3" of rain over Friday and Saturday, and the temperature was nearly 60 degrees. The ground got cold really quickly for snow to be sticking like it is. Good packing snow. I wish Matt would go out with me and make a snowman. He pointed out, though, with our luck, we'd get a handful of dog shit. (we don't have the most considerate neighbors)

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ari Hest

This guy is a genius.

I first heard him on The Loft on XM. He was doing an acoustic set and hosting it, too.

He talked about his "strategy," of sorts.

In 2008, he released 52 songs. One a week. For those that wanted to download them, they could pay $20 at any point in the year and get all 52 songs.

At the end of the year, he had people vote on their 12 favorites. Those became his album that was available to the general public.

Throughout the year, he even did this thing where he let his fans choose the song titles.

Pretty cool. The guy has a great voice (isn't bad-looking, either), and is a talented songwriter.

I recommed you check 'em out. I'm contemplating buying an album, myself. It's artists like him, that take the creative approach to his work, that I like supporting.

Cat in a box

Cats + weird weather = hilarity

This picture was taken 30 minutes prior to her falling straight down into the empty box.

What economy?!

Barrett Parkway in Kennesaw, GA.
1pm on Saturday.
The notion that the economy is bad is bullshit.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My recent reads

I haven't had a ton of time to read lately (I've been trying to work hard to make money so that I can give it to the government).

Here's what I've been up to the past few months...

Cold Plague by Daniel Kalla
Not a bad "airport read," but to me, it was something I could put down and come back to.

Not at all like ANYTHING by Jen Lancaster.

I read all three of her books in a very short amount of time.

She is my hero.

She is incredibly sarcastic, intelligent, witty, and best of all - right-winger.

LOVED her books. I have never understood when people say they've laughed out loud while reading a book.

Now, I understand.

Even better: She has a blog. Holy cow. I want to marry her.

Another great read: I Was Told There'd Be Cake, by Sloan Crosley.

Great shorts by another sarcastic young lady. Loved it.

I'm in the midst of Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea, by Chelsea Handler. As liberal as she is, it's still a funny book.

Can Obama fulfill his promises?


Shortest post.


Craig's List Fun

Anyone who has a job knows that when it's slow, Craig's List is a great thing to look at and laugh your ass at.

This guy has made it even better.


Okay, out of curiosity, I joined Twitter.

Anyone else on that damn thing?

I'm not impressed yet.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The best compliment EVER

I walked with Ashley, a 7-year old, up to the parking lot last night after softball practice.
Her parents and the head coach walked ahead of us, talking about the upcoming season.

Ashley looked up at the backstop we were walking past. The net had caught 3 softballs.

"I could totally climb up and get those," she said to me confidently.

"No way," I said, like a 7-year old.


"But you'd get in trouble, 'cause that's a tall fence to climb."

"I wouldn't get in trouble."

"Why not?"

"'Cause you're the only one who would see me do it, and you wouldn't tell on me because you're not that kind of person."

I felt awesome.

Glenn Beck

Did anyone else see Glenn Beck on Fox and Friends this morning, talking about the economic crisis?

I love him. He is great. He is not scared to say what everyone is thinking. Or at least, what many SHOULD be thinking.

His point was this: Let the banks that made bad decisions fail. Let them. Stop throwing money at the problem. Did we learn nothing from the past? Apparently not.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

If below didn't piss you off, THIS will

Ready for this?

As long as 9 million flailing homeowners make a "good faith effort" to stay current on their mortgage payments, they'll get a bailout.

Even if you have a second mortgage.

Even if you want to re-fi because you made the sorry mistake of getting an ARM.

To all those who pay your bills on time:

MAN, are you (er, I mean, we) stupid or WHAT?!

This oughta piss you off

The "Octomom" is $23K behind on her mortgage payments.

Her house is up for auction May 3rd.

Why God allows people like this to procreate and good, infertile people wish to have children... I'll never know.

I firmly do NOT believe in the medical world helping someone get pregnant.

I believe that no matter how badly someone wants a child - if you can't have a child, there is a REASON. Whether that is for your health, or a child's health - why do people insist in playing God?

There are so many children out there who need adoption.

And yet, this Angelina-Jolie-wannabie plumps her lips, her uterus, and pops out 8 babies.

It's bad enough she's popped out ANY when she's can't afford it.

This women should be imprisoned and sterilized.

I feel so sorry for those children.

Where we're going

Ever read "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie?"

Read it.

It's what is going on with this bailout SHIT.

Give a liberal $10, they'll ask for $20.

We are regressing in race relations

Obama's administration has already proved itself to be full of liars and cheats who either lack experience or sense. In many cases - they lack both.

Take Attorney General Holder, for example.

This man calls the U.S. "cowardly" for hanging out in "race-protected cocoons."

Is the guy a fucking NUT?!

It is human to want to avoid conflict. In many cases, this means befriending people much like ourselves.

Sure, you can probably name as many people as you are different than you are similar.

But who is your best friend?

Most likely, it is someone who shares your beliefs, experiences, and values.

In many times, that similarity CORRELATES with race, gender, creed.

We fell most comfortable and safe around those similar to us.

I tend to gravitate towards intelligent thinkers with senses of humor who don't take themselves so damn seriously. Guess what? Those people happen to be conservatives, not liberal racists who hate white people so much they get sick over it.

It is degrading to the U.S. in general that this monster was selected for Attorney General. He is a disgrace to the race relations that this country HAS made steps to grow.

You wonder if the guy hasn't made such a big deal with race that he has no white friends. Thus, he automatically assumes white people are the devil. Gee, buddy. You're a real winner. I'd want to hang out with you. (insert dripping sarcasm here)

It makes me sick. Especially for two very good black friends of mine. One is an incredibly intelligent woman who was offered a free ride to Darden School of Business. She is a rationale thinker who doesn't classify herself as Democrat or Republican. And she had a really hard time accepting the fact that she was offered a free ride to Darden. She asked me if it would bother me if I knew I was given something for the color of my skin.

Because of her grades, her community service, her work experience - I knew that the scholarship offer wasn't because of her skin.

But it's so sad that this fact even crossed her mind to make her doubt her actual SELF WORTH.

I am so sick of SOME blacks ruining it for them all.

Holder is a racist, socialist, selfish, liar who needs to get the "I hate white people" stick out of his ass.

The U.S. isn't cowardly because you perceive white people not to like you.
You perceive white people not to like you because you think the U.S. is cowardly.

Obama won. What other proof do you need that race relations have progressed since the Civil Rights era? Will you EVER be happy?!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pakistani woman watches as the Taliban takes over town she loves

This article is interesting.

Sadly, I can see a parallel with me seeing the U.S. right now.

I'm not saying the U.S. government is prohibiting females from going out without a male escort, but... well, it's pretty damn close. The U.S. government in general is prohibiting its citizens for thinking on their own. The U.S. government is working so hard to stay in YOUR paycheck, in YOUR lives, in YOUR medical care - that no original thought you have will truly be your own.

In my eyes, the Taliban are preventing women in Pakistan from what they've never truly had.
Meanwhile, the U.S. government is preventing women AND men in the U.S. from having what they ever truly could.

The Beginning of the End

Okay, it's not so much the beginning anymore. It's really the middle of the beginning of the end.

Obama is planning on saving us all, and his next step is the homeowner bailout.


The term "Foreclosure Prevention Plan" is scary as hell.

If you have worked in many industries that pertain to mortgages - or even been on your HOA Board, you understand how difficult it already IS to foreclose on a house.

In Georgia (not sure if this is a federal thing or what), a lawyer or collections agency has to inform the owner of the to-be-foreclosed on house via letter about their intent to collect. Then, the person has 30 days to respond. If they respond, the whole DAMN CLOCK resets!
Even if they respond with, "Nah, I've been paying my bills. I don't know what you morons are talking about," written on a brown paper bag.

And that's just for collections! A foreclosure suit is a whole different ballgame.

It's scary because everyone else's values are going right down the shitter, and will continue. If you are in a neighborhood of 125 houses, and a handful of them are in foreclosure, and are sold for a good chunk of change less than what you bought yours for, guess what happens to YOUR value?

But Obama plans to stop that.

What happens when the bottom falls out? What happens when the government can't hold its breath anymore? What happens when the majority of U.S. homeowners don't GIVE A DAMN anymore?

What's the point in paying your bills, seriously? Good credit rating? Who cares! I can't get credit SOMEWHERE, or at least apply for grants, loans, welfare...
Wait a second... why the HELL do I even have a JOB?! How silly I have been!

I dated a person a long time ago who had traveled around the world. He said that if we ended up together, he'd want to move outside the U.S.
He loved the U.S., it wasn't an anti-U.S. thing - it was more of a "spread the democracy" thought.
I hesitantly said I would, silently thinking: "Depends where," knowing that he wanted to spend more time in a place that you pooped in a hole in the ground. My butt cheeks like cold plastic toilet seats, thanks.

But now, looking forward, I wouldn't mind leaving the U.S.

Not because I want to spread democracy, but because I'm desperately seeking where it still flourishes. I wonder if it ever did in the U.S., for such nonsense to take flight.

Laziness really overcomes all, hm?

2 things non-politically related that are pissing me off

#1 - To the asshole that tailgated me in the pouring rain this morning:
I hate you.
May you never, EVER receive oral sex.

#2 - To the idiot who just commented on a friend's Facebook page:
"Not much! :P Still livin' life & lovin' it"

You're an idiot.
Of course you are living. Obviously. You typed a needless message on your friend's page.
And the term "living life" is kind of redundant in this sentence. If you can call it a sentence.

What, pray tell, are you "lovin'?" Life? Living? So unclear.

Anyways, just needed to get that off my chest.

And yes, the girl who wrote #2 is a liberal. So I'm biased a bit.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The International

We saw "The International" today, and I was pretty impressed.

They took a contrived story line, and made it understandable, plausible, and entertaining for 2 hours.

Clive Owen was excellent. Naomi Watts was weak (I'm not a huge fan).

Some of the lines were cheesy, but I liked the premise.

A guy wants to redeem himself at work for a screw up that he had at work years ago.
He happens to stumble into part II of a massive bank cover-up. What is the bank after - control? Money? Kind of a combo of both. As long as their customers are in debt, they rule.
Clive's character has to find the assassin of the bank, the guy who kills people who sniff too closely.
I won't give away the end, but I will say that I liked the ending: It was the most realistic part of it all.

The moral of the story is "the only way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

But even then, there'll always be someone there to piss you off.

The Oceanaire

Holy. Cow.

We just had the best dinner. Ever.

If you have a chance to ever try The Oceanaire (several cities have the seafood restaurant), TRY IT.

We were given tiny cups of a roasted red pepper soup to start.

I had a Red Cherry Pomegrante martini.

Matt and split a crab cake as an appetizer. Hands down, the best crab cake I've ever had.
ALL crab meat.

Matt had seared scallops with saffron butter. I had filet mignon.
We split red mashed potatos, and wrapped it all up with a piece of their chocolate mousse cake.

Holy. Cow.

I'm done. I've completed all I needed in life now.

Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm so lost

I'm really confused.

Who the F**K is Gallup polling?! Are they asking people to check off boxes who can't read? Are they speaking French to 5th graders?

I don't see how this jives:

As of late last week, Obama has a 67% approval rating (down 15 points from his inaguration day, BTW).

The Democrats in Congress have a 48% approval rating (????) and the Republicans have a 31%.

I say we do this: Before taking part in a Gallup poll, you have to prove that you know who your Senators are.

Who the F are they asking? People that hate Republicans just 'cause GWB was one?!

Watch "Idiocracy" on Comedy Central this Sunday night. It's what our country is turning into.

I want to see what Obama's approval ratings are after this week, considering 51% of Americans don't approve of the stimulus bill (Democracy at its finest, no?).

Dear Obama, thanks for nothing

I'm gonna sound really stupid here, and I'm doing it kind of tongue and cheek.

Gee, why have gas prices steadily gone up since Obama has been President?

I thought he was going to save us all, or at least put gas in my car?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Progression of Rainbows

From the same storm system that brought all those crazy tornados to Oklahoma...

(side note - I think the storm happened 'cause Obama hates white people. It stands to reason, right? Since Katrina happened 'cause Bush hates black peopled?)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Is the education system to blame for the stimulus package?

I got to thinking just now...
(yes, I know... dangerous... I'll try not to let it happen again...)

I wonder how much of this we can blame on our education system.

I graduated high school in 2000, if that helps you figure out whether or not you want to classify yourself in the "we" and "our" categories with me.

Growing up, we were all taught that the New Deal saved us all. We were taught that the government HAD to get involved, else we'd be no more.

I wonder how much of the socialism was worked into our education to convince the average American that the stimulus package is really necessary?

I don't know about you, but I was taught that the New Deal gave food, money, jobs, and puppies to everyone. Okay, maybe not puppies.

Anyways, I got to thinking after reading about Obama's narcissm at Dr. Sanity's blog.

Drug users, fake home runs, and tax evaders

What do all of these types of people have in common?

They've all been in the news lately, and they can be associated by Michael Phelps, Alex Rodriguez, and Tom Daschle.

Let's break this down, because I have a bone to pick with the law and the media.

Michael Phelps won 12 gold medals, set an ass-load of world records, and then acted like a college student.

No, I'm not excusing it. Hell, I think he should be treated like anyone else caught using pot.
But should he be HANGED for it? No.

As an aside, is the drug performance-enhancing? I think not.
Let's now discuss Alex Rodriguez, speaking of performance-enhancing.

Steroids. Hm. Those affect things, right? Like whether or not he beats Barry Bonds' home run record? Oh, wait. Yet another liar and drug user. Hm.

He used steroids illegally. Should he be HANGED for it? No. But he should get a little footnote next to his stats, just like Bonds. And I'd love for people to make fun of him when he comes out to the plate. Something about "small balls" or "Alex Small-Rodriguez."

Let's move on to my personal favorite. The one that works me up the most.
Tom Daschle. Tax-evader. He evading thousands in taxes. Should he be HANGED for it? YES.
Why? Because what he did affects EVERYONE. He paid less in taxes, while others continued to pay theirs. Who knows? Maybe if enough politicians in Washington evaded their taxes, we'd have a political crisis.
I have read HORRIFIC articles online that call Daschle a "victim of the system."
I agree we need tax reform, but I'm calling BULLSHIT on this one.
Daschle has "people" who do his taxes. Don't tell me his own fucking accountant didn't do his job. Puh-lease. Don't wanna hear it.
Call me jaded. Call me a cold-hearted conservative.
Tens of thousands of dollars? That's not an accident. That's a lie and a theft.
And don't get me started on the Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner.
He's such a liar that the freakin' stock market nearly crashed when he unvieled his financial plan. God help us all.

My point is this:

Michael Phelps and "A-Rod" both participated in illegal activities. Phelps' drug doesn't positively affect his choice of sport. For A-Rod, the choice he made does affect his choice in favor of better stats. I think he's a lowlife because he's a cheater. But does he affect my life? Nope.
Tom Daschle. Does he affect my life?
YES. He affects MANY.
And yet, where's the outrage?
"Oh, well, he pulled out of the cabinet nomination," some would argue with me.
In that case, then, we should excuse the lying, cheating, piece of shit, right? I mean, if a child molestor apologizes, we should accept the apology and allow him to babysit your kids, right?
When will liberals get it?!
Liberals want to tax US more so that they can get AWAY with shit like this.
Perhaps I should word it in a way half the country seems to understand.
Liberals want to tax YOU more so that they can get AWAY with shit like this.
Where is the outrage that would send this guy to leave his career in politics?
People are so apathetic, it's PATHETIC.